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This is an online Truth Or Dare community.
How it works is someone dares you to do something..and you do it. Or someone asks you a question and you answer. It's all for fun and laughs.

Truth Examples:
What's the biggest crime you've committed?
Do you have a secret crush on someone from your friends list?
What's your favorite sex position?

Dare Examples:
I dare you to lick your shoe
I dare you to post in your journal, that you are in love with cheese.
I dare you to flash the camera.

Any kinda truth or dare is welcome. You may specifically ask any members , or you can ask everyone in general. You can have BOYS ONLY dares or GIRLS ONLY dares. Whatever you want is fine. Members are not obligated to answer or fulfill any truth or dare. But the point of this community is for people to do them.

If I dare you to lick your shoe...the only way we'll actually know for sure you did, is by posting a picture of yourself licking your shoe.

Most importantly, have fun and make friends.

*New members should fill out this poll when joining. That way we all can keep track of what everyone is capable of doing.

The Truth or Dare mascots are:
thatdirtyblonde seversoul & jennilee_rose.
Thank you for your part in creating our user icon :)

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